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A Look At The Most Effective Way To Hang A Tree Stand | By Cameron Derr

The Hang On Helper will make your life as a hunter easier, and safer.  If you’re an avid whitetail hunter, you know the work it takes to set up a hang-on tree stand.  Not only is that process a hassle, but it can be dangerous as well. The Hang On Helper was designed to take the sweat out of hanging sets by keeping you hands free while hanging your stand.


The HOH SP2 system utilizes a steel bracket, mounted to the back of your tree stand, and a screw-in implement.  Once the steel bracket is mounted to your stand and the screw-in implement is in your tree, the work becomes effortless.  Simply place the stand over your implement and you are hands free to secure your stand to the designated tree. 

Patterning a mature buck takes multiple tree stand setups to get within bow range.  What makes the HOH so helpful is that now, instead of buying a ton of stands and setting them up all over your property, you can use the HOH to easily, safely, and QUIETLY move the same stand to multiple locations.  The Hang On Helper is a product that changes the game for hanging sets; a must have for the hunter looking to safely take some effort out of hanging a tree stand.  The HOH is NOT a substitute to the straps used to secure your stand to the tree.  They do not recommend climbing into your set without the straps fastened.


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