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Picture of ACORN NUTTZ - Scent Ballz

ACORN NUTTZ - Scent Ballz

Acorns are the most abundant natural food source in the wild. This scent will for sure bring in any big game animal straight to you. So, don't go hunting without it because the game will be going NUTTZ.
Picture of APPARITION Scents "NIGHTMARE" pre-orbital gland lure

APPARITION Scents "NIGHTMARE" pre-orbital gland lure

Nightmare consists of 100% all natural Pre-orbital gland secretions guaranteed to drive buck’s crazy year round! There are no additives, no secret formula, and no gimmicks. This is a 100% all natural lure that will make you a whitetail deer’s worst NIGHTMARE. NET WT 2 FL. OZ.
Picture of APPARITION Scents "UNDERTAKER" scrape starter

APPARITION Scents "UNDERTAKER" scrape starter

UNDERTAKER is a 100% waterproof scrape starter made from real dirt that is infused with Apparition Scents Dead Red. Use Undertaker to establish mock scrapes or enhance an existing scrape to keep bucks returning daily. It will not wash away due to weather. NET WT. 16OZ
Picture of APPARITION Scents Blind Date - Estrous

APPARITION Scents Blind Date - Estrous

Experienced hunters know that an estrous scent used at just the right time can be lethal to rutting bucks, and having a bottle with you during the pre rut and rut can be as important as your bow or firearm. Blind Date is a premium estrous scent designed to bring bucks searching for hot does into bow range. Don't be caught watching big bucks looking for a date just outside of bow range. Leave them a personal ad that they can't help but respond to.
Picture of APPARITION Scents Dead Red - Territorial

APPARITION Scents Dead Red - Territorial

Nothing gets a big buck's attention like an intruder buck invading his territory. Dead Red brings out the fight in mature bucks by portraying the smell of another buck making a move on his ladies. This excellent rut attractant brings bucks in with fire in their eyes, allowing you the opportunity to get a high percentage shot while the mature buck is preoccupied with finding his rival. Don't set your bow down when using this powerful scent!
Picture of APPARITION Scents Nosy Whitetail - Curiosity

APPARITION Scents Nosy Whitetail - Curiosity

It's easy to get swept away in the wave of different curiosity scents that are on the market. You don't need separate scents for making trails, mock scrapes, or for using scent steamers. Nosy Whitetail is an excellent attractant scent that is effective when using any of these methods, and it's effective on all deer throughout the year. Deer become extremely curious when they encounter the smell of Nosy Whitetail and take their mind off of safety, allowing you to take the perfect shot.