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What is Rugged Meats?

What is Rugged Meats?

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There are 2 facts of life that pretty much apply to everyone. First, we are all busy and seemingly getting busier by the minute. Second, a busy lifestyle requires high quality nutrition to fuel the body so it can meet all of the demands thrown at it. If you don’t provide your body with the fuel it needs it will never perform at an optimum level. But with as busy as we all are, nobody has the time to spend all day in the kitchen preparing tons of food from scratch so that you can always have the perfect meal or snack on hand. So what is the alternative? Protein bars can sometimes be a decent choice but many of them either don’t stand up to the heat and elements of being out and about, or they have less than ideal ingredients in order to keep them from tasting like a flavored brick. Meat based snacks can be just plain scary if you are brave enough to look at the label. Sure there are the famous 100 calorie packs, but 100 calories of crap is still 100 calories of crap that isn’t going to do you any favors.

When we started Rugged Meats, we had a desire to create a truly unique product. The process was long and tedious, but finally all of the pieces came together and the Rugged Meats dream was born. We hunt, fish and farm and are actively involved in fitness, strength training and athletics so we are unashamed meat eaters as a means of fueling our bodies in our daily activities! One of our fundamental beliefs, and one that has been backed by science is that what our food eats has a very strong and direct impact on the end quality of the meat. Therefore, we have committed to only ever using the highest possible quality meats in our products and nothing but simple spices for flavoring so that the impeccable integrity and flavor of the product is never compromised.

The meat used in our sticks comes from 100% wild caught, free ranging wild boar. No domestic pork or beef is added so there are never any hormones, antibiotics or other residues from industrial Ag production. The pigs are not caught and then penned up and fed out in order to fatten them. Trappers literally drop the live pigs off at the processor and they are slaughtered right there. With Rugged Meats, you get all of the incredible health benefits of a truly free range meat that you can hold in the palm of your hand and eat anywhere, anytime!In future blog posts we will look at just what makes this Wild boar meat(and thus Rugged Meats) so special! We are incredibly excited about what is happening with Rugged Meats and hope that you will join us on the adventure! This is only the beginning!

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